Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120806

Last Wednesday’s full moon, or maybe the new moon on the 17th (we’re not sure), marks the start of Anglo-Saxon Weodmonað, or Weed Month. They certainly knew what they were talking about. Now that the garden is in and growing, I can devote time to cutting back the jungle out there.


Section 1: Speaking of jungle, the squash is taking over the world. It’s spilled off the east side and is trying to climb the fence. One strand of 8-ball squash has run ten feet along the fence to the south. On the south side, a silent battle is being fought between the squash and the tomatoes, while the Unkillable Rhubarb watches.

Rhubarb-Tomato Jungle
With Squash (all pix click to enlarge)

On the north end of the southern section, the asparagus is fighting to keep its head above….squash.

Wispy asparagus in a sea of squash

Section 2: Ditto with the squash here, even though it’s a month younger. It’s even trying to overwhelm the beans. 

The squash is doing well, but the beans might not make it

So far, the losers seem to be the onions and the beets.

Section 3: Starting to see little wisps of green. Wish I had tracked better what I planted where. Sunday was a scorcher, and the seedlings came all over droopy. I turned the soaker on at noon, and we’ll see how they recover.

Section 4: Got the carrots in last week. Probably won’t see any results for another week or so. Corn is starting to sprout.

The corn is green. Actually, the corn is barely visible

Elsewhere: Built a bunch of wire cages for the containerized tomatoes. They are great for supporting them, but will likely be a hassle when it comes time for the harvest. Speaking of harvests, nothing but a few S-100’s are ripe on the tomato side, but the calcium seems to be doing its job on the squash — one medium and two small summer squash on Friday. We have enough blossoms to make soup.


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4 Responses to “Green Thumb Up My Nose”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    The good thing about squash is that once it takes off you can selectively lop off the leaves that overshadow your other plants (we group plant, too).

  2. vsinghsblog Says:

    Hah! My garden is more junglee than your garden!

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