Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120813

The weather has settled in to the NENW summer standard — highs around 90, lows around 60, no rain.

The Keyhole Garden

Growth continues. Summer squash are hitting an eating size at the rate of about two a day. Tomatoes remain jungle-like but no ripening. Over in Section 4, the corn seems to be doing well.

My experimental cornfield

This is really just an experiment. Section 4 will be used for perennials — blueberries, asparagus — next year, and I thought I’d try to get a late crop of corn from it first. If it doesn’t work, well, c’est la guerre.

The Other Gardens

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, things continue apace. The potted tomatoes next to the house are all doing well — except for the whole setting fruit and ripening thing:

Lots of green, no red

On the deck, my lettuce trays are still providing supplemental greens for our salads. I think it’s gotten too hot for the lettuce to be really happy.

It really wants to bolt, but I keep whacking the top layer off

The deck tomatoes are about where the ground level ones are, except that the S-100 is slowly producing some ripe pea-tomatoes. As with my tomatoes last year, the dry climate is causing tough skins.

The S-100’s are too small to see

Over in the SW corner, the hanging tomato is doing OK, as are the miniature squash and watermelon.

Next time, I’ll try hanging pumpkin

Finally, over on the south side of the house, the miniature pumpkin is doing OK, there amongst the wildflowers.

Next year, this will be all hops

So that’s it. We’re getting sick of summer squash already, and are looking forward to getting sick of tomatoes.


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