Ginger Oats

A month ago I posted a recipe from my old friend John Fisher, for rhubarb-ginger marmalade. I made half a batch, but between the long division, the conversion twix’t Imperial and post-Imperial measurements, and the product differences, I got the pectin wrong and ended up with something very like ginger applesauce. Even reheating the marmalade later, and adding more pectin didn’t help…much.

It’s still more or less spreadable, and it’s very good on English muffins (well, the American-style ones), so I thought I’d try it on oatmeal.

Standard prep: 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1 cup water (apple juice would probably be better), and a big glop of the RGM — call it a quarter cup.

Result: Quite good. Not overly sweet. Better than the pickled ginger version.


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