Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120827

And just like that, Summer is over. We were in the mid-90’s in mid-August. On Tuesday, a cold front blew through, with some rain and minor thunderstorms. After that we were in the mid to upper 70’s, with lows in the 40’s. Sunday touched 85, but the forecast is for continued cooling.

Harvested the last of the beans in the KHG. Got less than a pound, so the total take from the 3×3 patch was just under two pounds. Don’t know if that’s good or not. I could have left them go longer, to see if some of the small ones would bulk up, but lots of leaves were turning yellow, others had holes in them, and something was eating the ends off the baby beans. Time to tear them out.

The spaghetti squash is going great guns. Looks like there will be eight or ten. Nothing new on the crown squash, and I haven’t seen any eight-balls. Summer prolific is still prolificizing. Looks like there’s one delicata.

Some of the tomato plants are six fee tall. Lots of tomatoes, but only the cherry tomatoes, mostly S-100’s, are ripening. None of the tomatoes are very big. The biggest are plum-sized, on a plant meant to produce “up to” one pounders. I guess that’s like my ISP’s “up to” speeds.

Corn isn’t growing much, and that experiment may be a failure (I started way too late). Most of it is a foot to 18″ tall. The t-storms made them slant, but didn’t knock them down. I planted about twenty peas early in the week. One pea next to each cornstalk. I figure it was a cheap climbing post. Peas are cold-hardy, so they should be OK by harvest time in late October. Carrots at the north end of Section 4 are doing well.

The one bush tomato that I’m growing indoors has put out some flowers, so we’ll see. This is a test. If we get decent tomatoes, I’ll try putting up a small greenhouse in the basement, next to the gas heater, with lots of grow lamps and see if we can grow something over the winter.


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