Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 120910

The weather was warm but not hot all week, brushing up against 90F over the weekend, with some clouds Satuday night that helped the night stay warm, which helped the tomatoes. Big wind scheduled for this week — started kicking up Sunday afternoon. I watered heavily this morning to counter the drying effects.

The scattering of chard I put into Section 3 is finally big enough to use, but it’s bepestered of leaf miners. I did a rough triage Saturday morning. Bad leaves to the compost, damaged leaves for trimming and salad, and big leaves to the salad. Corn isn’t growing fast enough to be ready before first frost, but the peas next to each stalk are getting big enough to start using them for support. My countercritter ops seem to be working, and I haven’t lost any more stalks.

On the squash front, there’s one more buttercup squash ready to harvest, and two or three smallish ones that I hope will develop. The delicata squash are finally starting to produce — three small (one inch) fruits. The summer squash are cranking along, producing one dinner-size squash every other day. Harvested one spaghetti squash, another is ready to harvest, two are getting there, and six or so more are in various stages of growth. The harvested one is a varietal I’m not familiar with, producing mild, slightly greenish strands. Went well with curried chicken on a bed of chard.

Outside of the KHG, the bush cucumber produced two fruit, at about a pound apiece. That’s as much cucumber as we can use all autumn. The bush melon has one three-incher. Cut all of the rhubarb stalks I could find. The tomatoes are encroaching there as well. I’ll give some away, and MJ is making various ‘lades, ‘nades, and elixers with the rest.

We ate our tomato harvest from last week. MJ had half a tomato, and I had the other half. Three of the container tomatoe plants are showing pink in various places, and I harvested two that I’m going to let finish off in the house. I thought there was nothing but green in the KHG, but on Sunday I found a 6oz and a 2oz that were almost ripe, buried in the jungle. The tomatoes seem to be winning the fight against the squash.


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