Highschool of the Dead (HOTD) – An Update

I don’t usually post anime/manga trivia on their own, but this one is fun, and it lets me post one of my favorite manga pictures.

In the manga, but not in the anime, the JASDF F-4 that makes a flyby in Chapter 4 has tail number 680. This is a hat tip to another manga ファントム無頼, that seems to be best translated as “Untrustworthy Phantom” (ファントムぶらい), which features a series of F-4JE’s with tail number 680 that fall out of the sky for various reasons. The kanji 無 means without, or free, while 頼 is trust, or a request. The pair are usually translated as villain by the online dictionaries, but in this case, maybe untrustworthy is better

UPDATE: Another source translates it as “The Phantom Gang“, with an emphasis on the aircrew. Number 680 still seems to crash a lot.

Would you fly that tail number that close to the ground?

Note that the aircraft in the HOTD manga is an RF-4J, without the nose gun. Here’s a real JASDF F-4JE 680 and the original ファントム無頼 manga.

Or maybe it’s just a good photoshop

F-4JE’s with tail number 680 do strange things


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