Oatmeal Paprikash

Paprika is a good way to combat bland. Jay Rosenberg (no relation to Willow) had a recipe for chicken paprikash he got from his Irish grandmother that kept me unblanded for much of my college undergrad career. Jonathan Harker found a similar dish – paprika hendl – in Carpathia. I decided to try it on oatmeal.

Since paprika is a robust spice, I paired it with beef broth. The paprika I used was McCormick’s Gourmet Collection Smoked Paprika, in which Spanish sweet red peppers are naturally smoked over wood plank fires (tended by Spanish virgins, who then go on dates with their girlfriends, smelling of smoke, which explains the continued viginity part). All I can say is I’m happy they used wood planks instead of, you know, steel belted radials.

Standard setup of beef broth, oatmeal, three shakes of paprika, salt. Also added a scant quarter cup of apple-smoked Gruyère and usual two teaspoons of potato flakes.

Result: Not bad. Not memorable — it didn’t have me humming a Czárdás — but not bad. Very good, for beef. The Gruyère did not want to melt. Might be the basis for something more exciting later on.


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