Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 121008

Well, here in the NENW it’s always a race between having your crops produce and having your crops die of frostbite. Tuesday morning, the forecast lows for Tuesday-Sunday was 34/29/30/29/32/35. Given how hard it will be to cover up the KHG squash and tomatoes, having to do it for a full week seemed somewhat futile. If it was one night of frost, I’d try it, but I’m not set up to do it every night for a week.

So Tuesday was harvest day.

A whole cornucopia. Too bad most of them are green.

Squash: 1 buttercup, 1 acorn, 1 summer and 3 spaghetti, for a total of six pounds
Tomatoes: many, totalling 21lbs

Then I said “it’s a million to one chance, but it just might work”, so I covered the pots by the back of the house

Counter-Frost Ops

and I made an attempt to cover the jungle. There’s probably another ten pounds of tomatoes and a Mayan civilization still in there.

Faint hope

I made the assumption that it would be worse on the plants to tug them around four days in a row, so I just left the covers on until things warmed up.

Part of the problem is, the weather mavens predictions have been exceptionally bad this week:

Weds night Forecast 27 Actual 36
Thurs night Forecast 27 Actual 35
Fri night Forecast 27 Actual 32
Sat night Forecast 31 Actual 35
Sun night Forecast 32 Actual 38

Part of the problem is that they have changed their reporting station on me. They had been using the weather out at Spokane International Airport (KGEG), and now they are using some place called TWRW1, which turns out to be a ranger station in the middle of the Turnbull Wilderness Area. The TWA is a blasted slab of basalt from the Channeled Scablands, that was made into a Wilderness Area because no-one wanted it. The porous basalt heats up fast during the day, and chills way down at night. Correcting for features like this is exactly the problem one has when trying to model Global Warming. KGEG is currently forecasting 34 and 37F as minimums.

Took the covers off on Sunday. I figured that if we were going to have more than a week of frost, that the growing season was officially over, and a week in darkness was as bad as a light frost. Things looked surprisingly good, and some of the squash has continued to grow. Watered everything down Sunday night.


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