Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 121015

The weather was mild the first part of the week, turning colder, and windy, with rain.  Looks like that will be the case all this coming week as well. Good news is that if it’s raining, it’s not frosting.

Not much doing in the garden. Corn keeps falling over. Not sure if something’s eating the roots or if it’s the slope of the KHG, or if the cats are at play. From the looks of the carrot tops, there’s at least one cat who likes sleeping there. Perhaps ten tomatoes in the pots are ripe. One in the KHG has turned.  The chard is big. The buttercup and spaghetti squash are racing the winter snows to see if they can throw off a couple more fruits. There’s even a few summer squash struggling along.

Pulled the two bush melon pots inside during the Great Frost Scare. I put them both out at the start of the week, but the watermelon didn’t fare well – the leaves had been turning ash grey prior to that, and they continued to do so. One softball sized melon. I harvested it, but it turns out that it was too soon. The interior was still white, with a little pink, that tasted green. The other problem was, it had the same number and size of seeds as a real watermelon, only in a smaller package, so there wasn’t nearly enough actual melonflesh to make it worthwhile. I might try one more time, and see if it’s enough for a pair of small desserts. Meanwhile, the cantaloupe is still hanging in there, and we’ll keep it on deck as long as we can.

Indoors, MJ took a few pounds of the smaller tomatoes and made sauce with them. Meanwhile, six of the twenty pounds of green tomatoes have ripened to good eating stage. Not six tomatoes, six pounds. I’m doing my best to cope, by eating a plateful of tomatoes for lunch every day. All these vegetables are giving me the digestive system of a horse.


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