So, it looks like I’ve spoiled myself for normal oatmeal. Last week, in the back of the fridge, I found a jar of spun mountain flower honey from the farmer’s market — locally grown from organic bees, touched with the dew of the mountains (or it would be if the humidity would ever get over 7%). I let it come to room temperature, then did the oatmeal thing.

Setup: cup of water (next time, try apple juice), 1/3 cup long cook oatmeal, two big gloppy dinner soupspoons of honey, five shakes of cinnamon. Salt.

Results: Once I’d added salt I found the flavors were almost perfectly balanced. Just enough honey for sweet, and just enough cinnamon for bite. Overall….meh. The trouble was, it didn’t do anything for me. I’d gotten used to the wild highland flavors redolent of Braveheart and the gritty peaks of Banner in the Sky, and this was giving me Sound of Music. I’ll try it once more, with apple juice, and maybe I’ll have it again around Christmas.


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2 Responses to “HoneyOats”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    Try throwing some “pumpkin pie” spices or cardamon into that mix. I’ve tried the latter–especially if I add apples. Sort of like dessert for breakfast. But only on days where that sounds like the thing.

  2. FoundOnWeb Says:

    I’d forgotten the cardamom thing. Sounds like it might be something to have on a cold, snowy winter morning, alongside a nice hot mug of gin

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