Wednesday Wii – Guess Your Weight

So, here’s another Wii Fit infelicity. When the time comes to reset your weight goal. The Wii shows you the goal in terms of BMI, but it shows you the weight loss steps in pounds (in the US). It’s generally considered a Bad Thing to mix measurements like that. Yes, BMI is more important to health than mere pounds, but being a couple of tenths off in BMI isn’t going to kill you, and changing your weight be a couple of pounds is only going to move the tenths display on the BMImeter.

The issue is, most people don’t measure their weight exclusively on the Wii Fit. They have bathroom scales and things. What is displayed there is total pounds, so you need to have your target recorded in your mind as total pounds. Yes, once you have made your decision, the Wii briefly shows you what the pounds are, but it would be far better to display both BMI and pounds during the selection process.


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