The other night we had a nice garden-fresh dinner — home grown spaghetti squash stuffed with very lightly sautéed home grown tomatoes, store bought onions and peas, topped with a sauce of canned Alaskan smoked salmon in chicken broth thickened with flour. There were leftovers, and as I learned at pizza parties in college, where there’s leftovers, there’s breakfast.

Setup: 1 cup veg broth, 1/3 cup oatmeal, 2 heaping dinner teaspoons of salmon sauce with bits of veg, several grinds of Alaskan alder smoked sea salt (prepared the traditional way by draping it over sticks next to the fire), two teaspoons potato flakes.

Result: Most excellent. Pared down to its essentials it’s just chunks of smoked salmon in oatmeal, but it’s very good, in a checked-shirt, hearty NW breakfast sort of way. Makes you want to sing the lumberjack song as you go off to work.


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