Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 121029

The weather this week was frosty when it wasn’t rainy. No actual snow, but the rain was falling very slowly at times. Frost on the windshield in the morning. Good thing I walk to work.

Intermittent cleaning out of the keyhole garden, and filling up of the compost frame. So far, it’s compressed six inches or so every couple of days. Looks like it will hold all of my garden detritus, plus much of the leaf litter. As I get toward the unsealed end I’ve been using a lot of cornstalks for support of the leaves and stuff inside. I briefly tipped it onto its side and added some more ties on the bottom, then was barely able to get it back upright (90lbs empty, remember). Next time I lay it down it will be down until late spring.

Over the weekend I made a start at adding more compost to the KHG. There’s been some settling, and I didn’t mound it high enough on the central baskets to begin with. While most of the garden cuttings have into the frame, there’s a lot of detritus that should just rot in place.

Harvested the beets on Friday. Not sure what it means when you have more biomass in greens than you do in your crop. Half a dozen thumb-size to big-thumb-size actual beets, along with lots of inedible rootlets. They were in Section 3, and I may have started them too late. Roasted the beets (it smelled like we were cooking dirt), and ate them unpeeled. About a third of the greens went into the fry pan with some stewmeat and the remaining tomato salsa. A very peasant meal. For dessert, we ate our lone mini-canteloupe. Not bad. Almost too ripe. Not sure the result was worth the deck space.

We have about a pound of greens left. Might try mixing them with chard in a gratin, or is it a granita? Speaking of which, the chard still looks good, despite light frosts every night. The peas were probably shaded too much by the corn, and aren’t doing anything. Not dead, just unenthusiastic, like a worker who is training his overseas replacement.

Meanwhile, indoors, another four pounds of tomatoes have ripened. I figure we have about 48 hours to eat them before the next tranche comes along. Speaking of which, I tried some leftover tomato salsa in oatmeal (an upcoming Oataku Chronicles post), but I think I put it in too early — it cooked down too much. Next time, I’ll add it right before the potatoes.

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