8-Ball Chicken

No, this isn’t the programmer joke that ends with “assume a spherical chicken”. This is a recipe I came up with for 8-Ball squash.

Now, your 8-Ball squash is just a spherical zucchini. It’s a little bigger than a softball, maybe 4″ in diameter. The shape makes it a perfect for stuffing — slice in half along the equator, scoop out the seeds, fill with…fillingstuff. The trouble is, that’s a fair amount of food on your plate. Maybe half a squash isn’t bigger than your head, but it’s still a little much for one person of sedentary habit.

We got an 8-ball squash from a friend (ours seem to have disappeared into the squash jungle), and have been trying various techniques for slicing them. Mostly, it’s been slice it in wedges along the meridian, like a green orange and then fry however many look good that night. More on that anon.

The other night, however, we tried slicing them in multiple slices along the various lines of latitude, as if we were preparing an example for a calculus text. Once we had cleaned out the innards, we had a bunch of 1/2″ thick green donuts. Donuts with a 3″ hole in the center. Our next step was to trim some boneless/skinless chicken breasts so they’d fit in the hole. Trimmings were saved to combine with an extra breast for stir fry.

Put the 8-Ball slice on the toaster oven broiler pan, plop the chicken breast in the middle. Spray with the petrochemical cooking oil of your choice. Sprinkle with the herbs of your choice — we used Italian herb mix. Cook in the toaster oven at some appropriate temperature for an appropriate amount of time. If you’re feeling particularly Iron-Cheflich, finish with a sprinkle of cheese and two minutes under the broiler. The end result looks a little like a big fried egg, maybe from a small dinosaur.

Result: Very Good, in a primordial chicken sort of way. MJ was sick and had no appetite, and so didn’t lick her plate afterwards.


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  1. Green Thumb Up My Nose | FoundOnWeb Says:

    […] ripe except some S-100s. Harvested the first 8-Ball squash. They are just round Zucchinis, but you can do interesting things with them.  Deck corn is up to my armpit. KHG section 1 corn is 8″ or so high. Harvested […]

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