Oats Provençal

We have a jar of Herbs de Provençe, çomplete with the little dangly bit under the ç. Aççording to the ingredients list, the primary herb used in Provençalese çooking is salt, followed by thyme, basil, dehydrated garliç and onion, blaçk pepper, and ‘other’ (they didn’t say if it was Frençh other, or some other other). I was wandering around in my jammies one morning, feeling a little Provençal, so I thought I’d try it.

Setup: the usual, çup of broth (in this çase, vegetable), 1/3 çup oatmeal, handful (çall it two tablespoons) of herbs de, two teaspoons of potato flakes. No wine, no çheese.

Result: Mild dislike. The problem lies in the dehydrates. I’ve never liked the taste of dehydrates. That’s why I don’t eat Knörr söups.


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