It’s hard finding a pumpkin flavor for your oatmeal unless you’ve been eating pumpkin. There’s lots of pumpkin spice out there, but not your actual pumpkin flavor. We didn’t grow any this year, so I’m really going to talk about pumpkin spice.

I must admit I hadn’t thought it through when I grabbed the spice bottle and shook it into my oatmeal and apple juice. Then I smelled the spice, and finally read the ingredients. Not a Cucurbita to be seen. It was all cinnamon and cloves and such (the cheap ones go heavy on the cinnamon, the better ones have more and such). The taste was your typical breakfast oatmeal cinnabon flavor. Not bad, but uninspiring.

Then MJ said she thought we have a pumpkin-flavored liqueur in our decades old collection of Strange Drinks. She’d bought it because she needed two tablespoons for something back in the Clinton Administration, and we hadn’t used any since. Turns out she was almost right, it was pumpkin spice, again. That’s OK. Let’s try it.

Setup: 1 cup apple juice (I decided chicken stock wouldn’t be appropriate), 1/4 cup pumpkin spice liqueur, 1/3 cup oatmeal.

Results: Meh. The spice flavor disappeared, leaving behind a vaguely chemical taste and an organometallic orange hue that was subdued by the brown of the oatmeal. I’ll wait for Thanksgiving


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