Strange Doings

At this point in the blogstream, I had an entry on oatmeal and wine, that I wrote a week or so ago and scheduled for autoposting today. It popped up between the Japan Trip Da y 2 and Day 3 entries, and I thought I’d best add a note to that effect. I did so, but when I looked at the entry, it had changed to the Day 3 text! just to be sure, I checked on my cellphone. It had changed, and the original, witty, essay had gone away. So I deleted it, and am replacing it with this.

I was working on my Nexus 7, which really is not designed for production — its whole essence is consumption.


One Response to “Strange Doings”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    You probably saw a fox spirit and this is your comeuppance.

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