Japan Trip Day 5 Part 1

This is as multi-parter, because so much went on. I took the Shinkasen from Kobe to Kyoto and spent the day being shown around by one of my former students — sometimes perfesserin’ really pays off.

The Shinkasen is everything they said it was. The train was more like an airplane inside, with comfortable 3+3 seating (and little rubber bedknobs on the aisle side of the seatbacks for the standees to hold on to). The trip up was extra-crowded, because it was the start of a three-day weekend. I was the last person on, and ended up standing next to the door in the connecting compartment for the first part of the trip. This was no problem, because the train is fast.

The front end looks like a fast racing car

JapanTripShinkasen2012-11-23 17.18.22_1

It spends two or three minutes in the station

Quick turnaround

Before accelerating away

JapanTripShinkasen2012-11-23 17.16.03_1

And the back end looks like a racecar as well

JapanTripShinkasen2012-11-23 17.16.20_1

Hey, did I just miss my train?

Round-trip cost was ¥5,400, or about $66. Road distance and travel time direct from Kobe to Kyoto is 73km / 1hr 17min, Kobe to Kyoto via Osaka is 90km / 1hr 45min. Coming back on the train, it was 10min to Osaka, and another 20min to Kobe. We left at exactly 5:30PM and got in at exactly 6PM, so our average speed was 180km/hr. Stops for trains passing through Kyoto were about 2min each. I got home and called my student to let her know I’d made it OK. She was still shopping in ShinKyoto Station.

While ShinKobe was simply a train station,
ShinKyoto was quite a bit bigger

JapanTripShinKyoto2012-11-23 11.19.49_1

With Christmas decorations

JapanTripShinKyoto2012-11-23 11.22.45_1

and lots of people

JapanTripShinKyoto2012-11-23 11.16.32_1

My only complaint is that between standing jammed into the connecting compartment on the way up, and coming home after dark, I never got to see the countryside whiz by at 180kph.


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