Japan Trip Day 6 Part 2

2012-11-24 15.00.57_1So after one final look at the panorama, I started downhill, through the herb garden.

2012-11-24 15.27.53_1Past the gardener

2012-11-24 15.27.44_1and lots of flowers I don’t know the names of

2012-11-24 15.21.45_1

2012-11-24 15.20.55_1

2012-11-24 15.19.44_1 and lavender beds

2012-11-24 15.18.02_1

2012-11-24 15.15.42_1and the kitchen garden, with really big asparagus

…and a melon you can almost see

2012-11-24 15.14.27_1…and some squash

2012-11-24 15.13.11_1

2012-11-24 15.09.40_1…and I think Rosemary

2012-11-24 15.09.31_1

2012-11-24 14.49.26_1…missing the turnoff to the greenhouse

2012-11-24 14.37.04_1but finally making it to the awaiting mid-mountain cable car stop, and so home.


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