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Monday, December 17th
Not only is there an email problem, but there’s a website logon problem as well. A number of sites that I go to have logon protocols of various levels of security. The problem is, I keep getting server timeouts, but not on all of them and not all the time. WordPress is a problem, as is Twitter, and FlashcardDB and FaceBook. Sometimes WordPress won’t even give me the login screen. No problems with gMail or the EWU systems. Note: the campus is only a couple blocks away, but the actual routing is done somewhere in Oregon, so all of my data gets electronically schlepped five hundred miles or so to go down the street.

Called the CenturyLink Internet Hotline. They had me point our mailers at a different server. Didn’t have any suggestions about browsers.

Posted a query to the Ubuntu Forums. No answer so far.


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