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Wednesday, December 19th

The telco crew was out here surprisingly fast, less than 24hrs. They checked the wiring into the house and found a worn spot just below the box. We couldn’t do anything that day, because the wire went into a section of the garage that was piled with stuff. They went away, and I went to work.

Thursday, December 20th

They’re back, and it was the work of half an hour to splice in a new run of line from the box to a suitable point inside. Did a phone check, no static. Problem continued.

Another CenLink guy came around noon and left at 2. He was on the phone a lot. Voice on the other end saying “I don’t know what to tell you”. He was on the phone so much his charge depleted. Luckily, he was seeing the same problems I was, only moreso, on both his setup at the office and his WinXP laptop. He said the problem isn’t local, which may or may not be true.

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