Only Connect

Friday, December 21st
Different guy this time. Brought his own laptop. Said he’d been working at it from the Central Office end using our user ID and was having the same problems. Left at two, came back at 3 and stayed until a search party arrived looking for him at 5. Poor guy was just a gap-filler from up near Colville.

He swapped out some lines in the house, to put the DSL on its own filtered line. Helped a little. Long weekend ahead, because the phone pholks get off Christmas Eve/Day

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2 Responses to “Only Connect”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    Ironically, this post appeared briefly yesterday just before you yanked it temporarily, I think. I got the email notice at some point, clicked the link, and received the page not found error. So I approached the similar notice this morning with guarded alacrity.

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