Cougar Oats

We’ve been eating our way through a big can of Cougar Gold cheese that we got for Christmas. Well, Christmas, 2005. And it’s MJ what’s been doing the eating. There’s too much crystalline grit in CGC for me. But that won’t keep me from trying it in oatmeal! I mean, the grit just adds to the roughage, right?

Setup: 1/3 cup oatmeal, 3 tbsp potato flakes, salt. Slightly less than one cup chicken stock, topped off with a screw-top Pinot Grigio. A few grinds of a pepper/herb/lemon combo. Scant 1/4cup of CGC, crumbled (it crumbles good). Put the potato and cheese in after the ten minute cook time. Grind pepperish on top.

Results: Undistinguished, but good. The cheese was in long enough to melt but not long enough to fodu-ize. The melting also did away with the crystals. ….Well, most. I feel my incisors crunching some even as I type.

I won’t go out to buy a can of CGC just so we can have this, but if it’s sitting out on the kitchen counter, I’ll consider it.

Rating:  *****
I’m trying something new for the New Year. Rating the Oataku recipes on a 5-star scale. One star means it tastes like oatmeal. Three means it’s something I’ll keep in mind to make if the ingredients are there. Five means I’d serve it to company.


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3 Responses to “Cougar Oats”

  1. Kurt Kremer Says:

    Where do you live that CGC comes in a can? (Or any cheese?) I agree about the grit, though–I like the flavor but the consistency only works for me in a sandwich (which I rarely eat) or on crackers, potatoes, etc.

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