Olive Oats

Every now and then we open a can of pitted olives, for use in salads and sauces and such. This time it was Kalamata olives (a large, slightly bitter olive, packed in a mild wine vinegar). There was about a cup of the packing liquid left over. It was dark and murky, with bits of olive and fragments of what I sincerely hoped were olive leaves. Obviously something you’d want in your breakfast oatmeal.

Well, no.

Setup: 1/3 cup of stone ground rolled oats, two dinner teaspoons of potato flakes, one cup of olive packing liquid, salt.  Cook for 10 minutes or so, depending on the exact style of oats.  Add the potato when you take it off the stove..

Results: The first truly inedible oatmeal I’ve made. Overwhelmingly salty. Overwhelmingly sour/bitter. It would be hard to produce a worse product without special training.

Rating:  –*…****

Obviously, the problem was that I should have added it by the teaspoon rather than the cup. I still needed breakfast, so I made some plain oatmeal and started folding in the Kalamata Oatmeal, one heaping teaspoon at a time. Three teaspoons later it was about as olivy as I could stand.

Results: Since it was an oatmeal/oatmeal mixture, the flavors didn’t blend the way they normally do. Still, it wasn’t….bad. Too much of one flavor. If I try this again, I’ll use a tablespoon of the liquid, and maybe chunk up some olives. I think I will try this again, but I don’t have high hopes.

Rating: *****

Note to self: flavors don’t always have to blend. Swirling flavored and plain oatmeals might make for an interesting breakfast
Note to others: In an effort to bump up my hit count, I will tell you there was no nudity in the label art for the olives.

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  1. Olive Oats | FoundOnWeb Says:

    […] Two years ago, I had a a horrible, terrible, no good at all, experience trying Kalimata olives in my oatmeal. This time I’m trying sliced black olives, the kind you find on a certain style of tacos, or salad, or celery with cream cheese. We had opened a can and had used most of them on tacos, and salad, and celery with cream cheese, but there was about a quarter cup of olive dregs left, along with a half cup of the olive water. It had been long enough ago that the trauma had faded, so I tried again. […]

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