Ah, Students

The students in my classes are, by and large, very good. The tests I give them are all open book, and if we’re in a computer lab, open Internet. This works for me, because if you have to look things up on one of my tests, you’ll flunk anyway, because you won’t finish. Now and then I’ll see one of them copy/pasting one of the questions into Google. Now and then I’ll get what’s obviously an Internet answer. Obviously, because (a) we never covered that answer in class, and (b) they didn’t change the font. UPDATE: Welcome students who are just starting on this homework. This post has been up a while

One of the things that WordPress does for me is show me what Google queries got hits on my blog. That’s useful for spotting trends: Highschool Of The Dead is always popular; gardening queries are picking up. Here’s a query that came in today. It’s obviously a homework assignment, and it’s obviously from someone who is not only clueless about how to write pseudocode, but they don’t even know how to effectively write a query. Here’s the complete text of the query itself:

write a pseudocode to display the cost of a selected menu item from a restaurant menu card. the menu card should display the list of food items. the food items should be numbered. the last line of the menu should display the text, enter the menu selection. the user should enter the sequence number corresponding to the menu items in the menu card as input. further, the cost of the selected item should be displayed. in addition, an error message, wrong selection, should be displayed if a wrong option, which does not appear in the menu, is entered by the user.

Thankfully, my students are smarter than this.



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