TL;DR — Anime I Never Finished

The first to be dropped this season is Majestic Prince, a combat mech story that one reviewer described as “an old-school space opera through and through that is full of heart and intelligence“. If they had said “has more heart and intelligence than your average mecha” I’d have agreed with them. But that’s setting a pretty low bar.

Our Story So Far: Crew of losers from an Academy prep school dropped into major battle as a rear guard, covering a retreat. Obviously because they were expendable. Fights off the enemy fleet (well, they were leaving anyway) and saves the base. Their group leader’s stated goal is to be a hero. As another reviewer said, in any army in the world, that goal will get you pulled from combat immediately — heroes get people killed. In the second ep they are accosted by the bad guy equivalent of their own cutting edge mechs — who proceed to fly rings around them, but don’t kill them because they are not worthy opponents.

If you are a mech fan, and I’m not, this will probably be right down your beamline.


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