Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 130415

Weather’s been cold and rainy and snowish and windy. Highs in the 50’s. Lows have bounced along the freezing line. Next week is more of the same. I guess we’ll find out how well my cold frame works. So far it’s doing OK. It survived gusts to 35mph, and Saturday I stuck a meat thermometer in the soil (don’t worry, I washed off the BBQ sauce first) and it measured right around 60F.

Cut up a bunch of soaker hose to make a customized installation. I found that the various fixtures designed for home-built in-ground sprinkler systems work as connecters and such.

Designed to fit over the central basket

Designed to fit over the central basket

The squash I started inside is doing well. Maybe too well. I don’t plan to put it out for another two weeks. The tomatoes, not so well. I’ll repot them and put them out in early May, but I might have to go the store-bought plant option again.

Planted a bunch of letteces, lettecoi, …. greens.

Picked up another six hops plants. Last years rotted in their bed. This time I have them in containers inside, and won’t put them out until early/mid May. Picked up another six asparagus plants. They’ll go into Section 4 once the weather warms up.


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