Congress, the Sequester, and the FAA

As everyone has said, Congress voted money for FAA controllers, just in time to catch their planes.

There’s been some controversy over the FAA furloughs. FAA says they are mandated. Congressional Republicans say they are playing the old DC game of cutting high visibility programs — just the way the NPS does every budget cycle “Cut our budget? I guess we’ll have to close the Washington Monument.” It’s the way the game is played.

I think the President isn’t playing hardball enough. Were I he, and there’s 300 million reasons why I’m not, I’d threaten to veto the bill. “Congress broke the budget system. Congress can’t just glue the handle back on and say it’s fixed. Send me a full fix for the budget, or go stand in line.”

Of course that gives them plenty of ammunition back home, once they get off the bus, to blame the President for the delays, but I’m sure the American people are smart enough to give credit where credit is due.


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