Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ten years on.

One of the best series in the history of television ended ten years ago this hour. I don’t have time to write the in-depth analysis it deserves, but I wanted to mark the date in some way.

The series started out as a monster of the week program (I could write a whole essay on how they covered all the horror movie tropes), and then morphed into an exploration of the ambiguity of good and evil (another five or six essays), finally dying at the end of its seventh season, when the star got tired of doing it.

There were some great characters in the series, and the actors who played them seemed born to fill those roles. Where are they now? Well, a quick sweep through IMDB shows:

Sara Michell Gellar: After a brief stint voicing cartoons, she’s scheduled to appear this Fall in a new comedy series with Robin Williams.

David Boreanaz: Still going strong in Season 9 of Bones

Alyson Hannigan: Still going strong in Season 9 of How I met your mother

Anthony Head: Busy making little five-episode series for UK television, most of which don’t seem to have made it over here

James Marsters: Appearing in one-shots on three different series this year, with a film in post-production

Nicholas Brendon: Has three movies in post production and one in the process of filming

Emma Caulfield: Mostly one-shots in different series, with a film in post-production

Charisma Carpenter: Starring in a “Christian, Christmas” film, released last month, in France.

Mercedes McNab: Is notable because her Harmony character was the only one, other than Angel himself, to make it from Buffy’s first episode to Angel’s last episode. She seems to have dropped out of acting and gotten married.

I’m going to stop there, despite the fact that there are six or seven other actors who deserve listing — that shows you the basic strength of the show.

The man behind it all, Joss Whedon, of course went on produce a couple of other series, and this year has a series and a film in post-production, plus a new film announced.



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