Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 130603

The weather this week was cool and rainy. Good for the lawn, OK for the garden. We are forecast to be in the 80’s by midweek, so I guess Summer is upon us.

The garden continues apace. Bought some bok choy for the cabbage patch. Planted my asparagus rizhomes. Planted lots of corn, some of which the squirrels have dug up. Lettuce is starting to come in, and last year’s chard is still producing. Deb Tolman says it will bolt this year, so I need to plant a new batch. Hops are growing. Today or tomorrow I’ll have to get up on the roof and put in some hooks and wires for them to grow on. The KHG is doing a good job of keeping itself weed-free, but my main job these days is to keep down the weeds in the rest of the yard.

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