Patriot Day

I have nothing to say.

For the last decade, the DoJ, DHS, and NSA have been colluding in a program that claims to protect American lives but which in truth only serves to deprive us of our Constitutional rights and cause us to live in fear — more in fear of the government than of any terrorists. A succession of Presidents have gone haring off into the depths of the Middle East, destroying what few tatters of respect and goodwill we have in that part of the world, increasing the numbers of our enemies and decreasing our national and individual safety. Only the whistleblowing revelations of Edward Snowden exposed the one and a revolt by the citizens of the US, their representatives, and all but one of the industrialized countries of the EU paused the second.

Any true patriot will spend the day at home with a bottle of Scotch, mourning along with Thomas Jefferson.


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