A Tuna Oatmeal Christmas

We had open-face tuna salad sandwiches the other day, just the fare for cold winter lunches. As chance would have it, there was some of the tuna salad mix left over. We make a very simple salad: canned tuna, mayonnaise, sweet dill pickle chunks. None of this  “lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, capers, olives, red peppers…” stuff for us. I did the usual baseline oatmeal (using plain water) then added a fat teaspoon of tuna salad.

Setup: 1/3 cup of stone ground rolled oats, two dinner teaspoons of potato flakes, one cup of water, teaspoon of tuna salad, no extra salt, no potatoes.  Cook for 10 minutes or so, depending on the exact style of oats.  Add the tuna at the very end.

Results: Very good. Very tuna-y. Needed more pickle. Think of it as hamburger helper for tuna.

Rating: *****


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