TL;DR — Anime I never finished, Winter 2014

I watched a lot of anime over the MLK weekend. I also dropped a lot of programs. Here’s a representative sample.

The Three Sisters

Onee-chan ga Kita: Mother remarries and now there’s an older sister, who thinks her new little brother is incredibly cute. If you flip the genders, it’s incredibly exploitive, but older girl -> younger guy is evidently more acceptable than older guy -> younger girl.

Recently, My Little Sister is Unusual: Little sister is intermittently possessed by the ghost of a girl who died of unrequited love, or something, and who proceeds to molest and abuse and embarrass her, while attempting to seduce her older brother. Dropped before the end of the first episode. Maybe if she was an older sister…

Pupa: Older brother serves as meat farm for monstrously transformed younger sister. People harsh on this one because they had read the somewhat grue manga and were expecting a well-done 26min bloodfest. What they got was a well-done 4min of stills. If this was a contest for artful manga compaction, it would win first place. As it is, and ignoring the manga and the expectations, ….meh. Some things work in the four-minute format. This isn’t one of them.

Flying Psychos

The Pilot’s Love Song: Some people like it, but my one-sentence summary is: Society solves its social problems by putting all of its emotionally crippled aristocrats on a flying rock named the B Ark Isla and telling them to look for the end of the sky. Based on the previews, I was expecting 26min of tilt-rotor diesel-punk flying-boat porn. What I got was 4min of bad flying embedded in 26min of bad emoting. Flying technology has Morse radio but no DF, top gunners turret — for a rifleman. Flying school sends up students to learn formation flying in groups of 25, air to air gunnery with no ground training, flying in cloudy conditions without basic instrument training (AKA “trust your instruments, Luke“), extended over-water operations with no navigation training. That’s quite a bit to pack into four minutes. I’ve stopped watching the story and have resorted to fast forwarding until airplanes appear. I might even stop that.

What Am I Watching?
(for those who care)

Second half/second seasons of Silver Spoon, Chunibyo, Golden Time, and Log Horizon. Also watching Hozuki no Reitetsu (bureaucrats in Hell); Witch Craft Works (gormless boy protected by expressionless witch, in high school); Nisekoi (Raku Montague and Chitoge Capulet pretend romance to prevent gang warfare outbreak, in high school); Magical Warfare (two boys and a girl fight evil wizards while learning magic, in high school); Seitokai Yakuindomo (boy becomes student council vice president at a formerly all girls — yes, high school. Finds out they talk just as dirty as boys). Everything with “high school” in the description is likely to be dropped, except maybe Seitokai.

UPDATE: Yes, dropped Nisekoi and Magical Warfare. Too generic. Too contrived. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of childhood girlfriend secondary characters, I’ll miss Onodera san. WCW is worth continuing, if only because of the ‘witch bitch’ ED, with its quintet of tortured witches.


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