Picture Stories From Earth: The Pentagon

Here’s a nice overhead shot of The Pentagon that popped up this week on imagery site Daily Overview (click this link for a bigger version):

The Pentagon

I worked there for almost a decade, and enjoyed every minute of it. This view shows that it’s really just one, three-mile-long single-corridor building, folded in on itself like a big concrete five-ring protein. Make it five stories high, with two basements (and a mezzanine basement), and you have over 17 miles of corridor, any part of which is accessible from any other part in about ten minutes of brisk walking.

The rings are lettered A-E from the inside out. I worked on the first floor of D-ring, just inside upper right hand face of the pentagon shape. Daytimes, I’d ride the bus, and come in through the entrance on the lower right side. Night shifts would see me out in the wilds of North Parking, walking through the dark and cold (or dark and mosquitos) the half-mile to an obscure entrance just off the left hand side of the apex of the pentagon.

The 9/11 airliner hit the lower left side, next to the modernistic parking lot. The repairs were so good, you can’t tell from the rooflines where it was.

The inner park area is planted with grass and sixty-year-old trees, and is a very pleasant spot to take a break and sit on one of the benches. It’s called ground zero, because we figured that’s where the first Soviet warhead would hit. And the little pentagon-shaped building inside the pentagon-shaped park inside The Pentagon? The one at the exact center of ground zero?  That’s a hamburger stand.

I understand it's been replaced with something more modern

I understand it’s been replaced with something more modern


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