Girls und Panzer — the OVA

Before I get into the OVA, let me post another GaruPan trivia item, one that shows — again — the production crew’s insane attention to detail. Remember back in Episode 2, when The Instructor dropped in and flattened the headmaster’s car?

The Headmaster's Potato Chip

The Headmaster’s Potato Chip

The car, I am told, is a Ferrari F40, one of only 1300 ever made, and probably worth in excess of two million dollars today. Well, maybe only $1.1 million.

In comparison to that piece of trivia, the OVA comes across as, well, trivial. It consists of six, twelve-minute shorts, featuring Our Girls:

(a). At the beach, a pretty mild fan-service short, highlighted by a “history of swimwear”, including Roman- and Special Forces-styles.

(b). Camping in the Japanese National Tank Training Area. Highlight is a discussion of field rations of the world. Turns out, everybody’s field rations are better than ours.

(c). Dancing the ankou dance in front of various Ourai landmarks. Lackluster animation, and uninspired choreography. OVA’s often skimp on the animation budget, but this is one place where it was important.

(d). In of the better ones, featuring a tour of the ship, in which we find out that the crew are also high school girls, and that the Student Council is in charge of running the whole ship. The tour includes a look at a scale model

The Ship

The Ship

and things like the hydroponic gardens, tended by yet more high school girls. One wonders where they keep the boyfriends.

The Garden

The Garden

(e). The other good one, it shows what happened to Akiyama Yukari and Matsumoto Riko (“Erwin”) when they went on that reconnaissance in the snow in Episode 9.

(f). The victory party, where the different teams do skits, including songs, magic acts, Swan Lake, Power Rangers, and impressions of the other crews. The highlight is probably the Hippo team’s reenactment of “Little Women”.

Team Competition Big Hidden Talent Tournament

Team Competition
Big Hidden Talent Tournament

There will be at least one more Girls und Panzer entry here, because the movie (which will include details of the battle against Anzio Academy) is coming out this summer, as is the GaruPan Game, destined for the Sony PlayStation Vita. Which raises the question, do I want to spend $200 for a console so that I can play a single game? Don’t be silly. It’s GaruPan. The real question is, do I go for the bare bones game, at $70, or splurge for the Special Edition, at $100?

My full set of commentaries on GaruPan can be found in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Girls und Panzer: A Study in Command, Girls und Feminism, and Girls und Panzer — the DVD.


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