TL:DR — Anime I never finished, Spring 2014

Some of this season’s anime got off to a late start. Others seemed, seemed, worth a look at two episodes. I know that folks say to watch a minimum of three eps before deciding, but, ya know, that’s 25% of the series. Herewith, the stuff that didn’t make the second cut.

Captain Earth: Giant robots battle in space. Small group of teenagers are the only ones who can handle them. Sound familiar? It’s like fan fiction by someone who overheard two other people talking about Evangelion on the metro, except unlike Shinji, Our Hero has … a boomerang! The robot launch sequence was cool — pilot capsule on top of a bunch of disintegrating totem poles, three (count them, three!) on-orbit gate transitions/self assembly points — it’s like the water bottle stations at a marathon, except you get mecha arms and legs. The battle was … OK. Then we look inside the invaders’ ship and find a blue boy/pink girl Shibuya fashion pair if there ever was one, who start talking about the libido component of the weapons. The fully built robot lands feet-first back at the base and the really boring character development begins (yes, really boring development, really boring character). Question? Will they launch the whole mecha on another Delta V booster from there, let it fly itself back up, or take it apart and drag the parts back up to the really cool assembly gates? The World (-) awaits.

Irregular at Magic High: Magic as an engineering discipline. Boy and his over-attached sister (aren’t they all) get selected for a prestigious national high school. She is good at magic. He … doesn’t do well on standardized tests. Big social gap between magic-users (her) and non-users (him). That’s OK. All the magic-using girls on the Student Council like Our Hero, and want Him to be on the Student Discipline and Bondage Committee with them, while all the magic-using guys do that thing with the dark upper half of the face. So it’s a harem/imouto/pariah’s-progress anime. And the white-and-minty-green uniforms aren’t the worst this season, but they’re among the top two.

The Comic Artist and his Assistants: Based on a 4-koma. Overworked, under-experienced mangaka gets his busty assistant and his equally busty editor to do various perverted things, like boob self-fondling ….. self boob-fondling … self-fondling boobs…. you get the idea … so that he can draw them from life. That’s it. Wash your hands and repeat.



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