Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 140505

The weather the last couple of weeks was nothing to write about, and so I didn’t. My gardening activity was limited to just letting stuff grow under plastic. This week we had a warm spell, and hit 80F two days running. Then came the weekend and the cool/rainy weather was back.

Not sure if it was the previous cold (couple of 34F nights) or the subsequent heat, but the spaghetti squash died, as did one of the Better Boy tomatoes and one of the 4th of Julys (and the other three are looking peaked). Those were all purchased plants, under plastic, in the garden (Section 2). The ones I started early are still seedling size and in my coffin-sized greenhouse. I transpotted one of each (Crimson Cushion, Marglobe, and Red Cherry), along with one each of the squashes (8-ball, Delicata, and Buttercup). I replaced the dead 4th with a seedling Marglobe. The Mars are determinates, so I’m thinking that I can string out the repottings and get a certain amount of spread on ripening.

In Section 3, the brassicae survived the cold due to my greentunnel. I had transplanted the peas and beans there also, and covered them individually with the top half of bottled water bottles. Section 1 is lettuces, and as soon as I took the plastic off the squirrels got in and dug holes. If I get a chance I’ll build another non-plastic cover.

Hops at week five

Hops at week five

On Saturday, as part of the transition from unseasonably hot to seasonably miserable, we had a pretty brisk wind, with gusts to 30mph. Blew the long lettuce container off the railing and onto the deck, bouncing it off two of the tomato pots. I eased the dirt and plants back in and gave it a good drink. The lettuce is still perky this morning, so apparently no harm done.

The hops are going mad. Some tendrils are already at the top of the 4ft wide plastic trellis. Sometime this week I have to put in the support netting.

I wanted to plant carrots in the north end of Section 4 this weekend, but it was so windy that I’d be seeding most of Airway Heights, so that’s been put off for a while.


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