Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 140526

The weather this week was springlike, with four days well over 70F. This is probably bad for the broccoli and cabbage.

According to Growing Taste, a Walla Walla based gardener, cabbages and broccoli are hard to grow on the Columbia Plateau.

We want our cabbage in the ground as early as practicable, so we can get them out as early as we can: cabbage growth slows above 68 degrees, and stops, possibly with damage, at 85 degrees. … We should, therefore, probably target our planting-out for mid-March, looking to a harvest in mid-May.

I transplanted some biggish store-bought seedlings about two months ago, so they should be ready next week. The pictures show what they look like now:

I don't remember flowers

I don’t remember flowers

Is it head yet?

Is it head yet?

Growing Taste has similar things to say about cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. I am beginning to wonder if the Brassicae fall into the too hard to do category. I’m not writing the Great American Game Theory Novel here, about man vs nature games. I’m just trying for some moderately fresh sides and salads without too much work and agricolich angst.

Speaking of salads, one of the things they don’t tell you when you start your salad garden, is that the lettuce peaks a good three months before the tomatoes do. The first planting of leaf lettuce is 8″ high. The icebergs are leafing out nicely, with no indication they want to head.

Speaking of angst, the squirrels continue their destructive ways. They’re not trying to kill the plants. They’re just burying their nuts, and the fact that they’re killing roots and tipping over seedlings is just, you know, collateral damage.

And the angst-speaking continues: my ten-year-old soaker hose is slowly rotting. I fixed one biggish leak with tape a couple of weeks ago. This week I had another, bigger one, at the south end of Section 1. I mean spraying water over the rhubarb big, and that’s not a plant that needs encouragement. I didn’t have the material to fix this one — my only splicing tube was a three-way, and the hardware store was closed. So I cut the hose at the break, put the three-way on, scrounged up a short length of soaker left over from an earlier leak, and added a small rotary sprinkler to the mix. It’s starting to look a bit Heath Robinson, but I think it will get me through the summer.


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