The perils of computer laziness

Ubuntu updates regularly, but does provide LTS (Long Term Support) for versions that come out in even-numbered years. So, rather than updating the OS annually, it’s possible to wait a couple of years, and update with the new LTS. For servers, LTS is four years. For desktops, I guess it’s only two.

In any event, I’m still running Ubuntu 10.4, and the rest of the world just moved on to 14.4. Given that, it’s not surprising that the latest security patch (Linux has been bepesterd by them of late) broke my copy of 10.4. Broke it as in “the mouse and keyboard don’t work and I can’t open or change any files or even log in”.

This, of course, at the start of the weekend before finals, and half an hour before my formal blood pressure check (it was a little high).

The problem turns out to be fixable — hit [shift-escape] [right-shift] on bootup, pick the older kernel from the Grub menu to get in, then edit the Grub defaults to always boot from that kernel. This, of course is a stopgap until I can get the end-of-term chores out-of-the-way.

It took me about two hours to get things sorted out. The first hour I was thrashing around on my own, trying the original install disk and so forth, and the second hour was a more methodical combing through the Ubuntu Forums. Well, OK, there was also an additional half-hour of trying to hit [shift-escape] [right-shift] at the exact millisecond I was supposed to — my twitch muscles weren’t twitching too well. You see, since it’s a Linux-only box, I’ve turned all the Grub menus off, so there’s no indication of when I should twitch and no delay to allow me to do it.

Turns out that I wasn’t the only one with this problem, and there was a certain amount of forum snarking at us for not updating on schedule. But updates are fraught with their own problems, problems I was too lazy to want to encounter. Turns out, that was a mistake.

So, come mid-June, I’ll be installing 12.4 on my machine, and then 14.4 on both mine and MJ’s. And next time? I’ll be upgrading to 16.4.

UPDATED: to correct the key you should hit. Not sure how that happened, except that I had a fight with WordPress’ html interpreter over whether or not I could use <> as delimiters and that distracted me.


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