Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 140609

The weather this week was the inverse of the week before. We started out hot and got cooler. Next week will be the same, they say.

Not much doing, gardenwise. I’m harvesting huge heads of icebergs, except that they’re not ‘headed’. About to plant a third tranche of lettuce, due out in August. Other things are also growing apace — half my tomatoes have blossoms, as do a couple of squash. I ripped a bunch of bolted brassicae out of Section 2. As an example of the impact of the heat, the broccoli florets developed already spaced out. Saturday, I found one head, slightly bigger than a cherry tomato, that hadn’t exploded yet. MJ and I split it.

My adventure for this week was fixing another hose break. Not an actual break, but the ageing hose slipped off one of the connectors. None of the hose clamps I had was big enough (I have both broad gauge and narrow gauge soaker hoses), so I bought a new one and went to put it on. Unfortunately, my injured shoulder (see last week’s entry) wasn’t up to the torque needed to hold the tab of the clamp in place while holding the hose solidly enough to use the screwdriver. I had to rest it on the netting support, where I could bring straighter pressure to bear, and in doing so, I messed up:

If you don't pay attention, things can get misaligned

If you don’t pay attention, things can get misaligned

Sorry, I’ll write that again:

Sorry. Here's what happens when you don't pay attention

Sorry. Here’s what happens when you don’t pay attention

I guess you could call it high-drip irrigation.


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