TL:DR — Anime I never finished, Spring 2014

The season is drawing to a close, and I’m still dropping shows. These are ones that I kindof watched, sometimes over halfway through, but then the inertia died and I got bored and wandered off…I guess.

Brynhildr in the Darkness – Presumably dead or dying girls brought back to life and experimented upon (Gunslinger Girls trope, with superpowers) by secret government project. Some escape and get chased down and killed. Others escape and join the Astronomy Club. Flopped back and forth between gratuitous violence and gratuitous fanservice.

Chaika–The Coffin Princess – Granddaughter of dead and dismembered evil emperor wanders around with an anti-tank gun-shaped magical weapon in a coffin-shaped carrier, trying to collect grampa-parts for burial. Unlike most magical weapons, this one seems to require a pre-firing checklist and spin-up time, which was really cool. And then … um… there were some characters…and…a…um…plot.

The World is Still Beautiful – Spunky teenage daughter of small, cloud producing country, having lost a game of Jan-Ken-Pon to her sisters, is married off to the 12-year-old king of seriously big, seriously dry country that (through his presumably precocious efforts) has conquered most of the rest of the world. Her skills apparently include understanding lonely 12 year old absolute monarchs, and making it rain by singing poorly written J-Pop in bad English. I guess the point of this Seattle-Los Angeles romance is that there’s no problem a nice cold shower can’t solve.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure – Ghost of a cute teenage girl haunts an apartment complex after her precursor buried powerful artifacts all over an artificial island, leaving them protected by hidden high tech puzzles, any one of which would require a major construction project coordinated by a general contractor. Many years later, an “Adventure Club” of other teenagers hunts them down, in a this-should-be-in-a-museum style. Meanwhile, crime gang works at infiltration and theft of the artifacts. Some interesting plot twists, but what a waste of a good character — videogame-playing teenage-girl-ghost acts as nothing more than a story arc hook and plucky comic relief.


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