Kicking and Screaming into the Future: Part 2, the Journey Continues

After a short stop in our non-stop journey to the future, we proceeded to move onward and upward, from Ubuntu 12.4 to 14.04.

Not so fast, cowboy.

So, it turns out (you’ll see that phrase a lot in this set of essays) that everything did not go smoothly with the online upgrade. How do I know?

First, is the calm silence, broken only by the hum of the fan. No beeps, boops, or blats. In fact, no audio. At all. Played around with some of the settings, to no avail. That’s OK, I’ll wait ’till I get the 14.04 upgrade installed, and then I’ll worry.

Second, no 14.04 install. I tried the quickie online upgrade route, the one that went so well for 12.04, and it failed at the setup stage. Something about not being able to calculate the install and maybe it was unresolved dependencies, but maybe it was non-Ubuntu software. Update manager says no problems with dependencies, and there’s not a lot of stuff that I’ve gone out and dug up on my own. The Opera browser, maybe. AnkiDeck for my flashcards. Not much else. I suspect that something went wrong with the 12.04 upgrade. Not horribly wrong, but wrong enough.

So, what is to be done?, as Lenin would say. Having looked at the Ubuntu Upgrade forums leading entry “I upgraded my machine and now I have this problem”, it looks like I’m back to downloading the new OS, burning it to disc, and doing a fresh install. For the Windows snickerers, this is much like going from XP to Win8. The question is, how to do it?

The reason that’s a question is that I’m a cautious suspenders and belt kindof guy. I’d rather not end up with a blown 14.04 install and no machine. OK, the other reason is, I’ve been thinking of upgrading my hard drive anyway. So, I’ve just now ordered a new TB drive from Amazon, and when it comes (end of the week), I’ll plug it in and install the new OS on it. If something goes wrong, I just change the boot order back.

Sounds like a plan. Time for bed.


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