Kicking and Screaming into the Future: Part 3, the Journey Pauses

While we are writing wamilditing waititors waiting for the new drive to arrive, let’s take a spin through Ubuntu 12.04 and see what’s what.

First of all, I’m not a fan of the new iconic toolbar. I can see why you need it — it saves vertical screen real estate, but a sidebar really demands icons. I just don’t like it.

Second, I deplore the trend towards auto-extend menus that pop up the instant your cursor tip runs across them. If I make a big, sweeping move from the R/H screen to somewhere on the lower L/H side of the L/H screen I’m sure to fire off three or four menus enroute, end up blocking the place I wanted to click. It reminds me of HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy:

For years radios had been operated by means of pressing buttons and turning dials; then as the technology became more sophisticated the controls were made touch-sensitive – you merely had to brush the panels with your fingers; now all you had to do was wave your hand in the general direction of the components and hope. It saved a lot of muscular expenditure of course, but meant that you had to sit infuriatingly still if you wanted to keep listening to the same programme. Douglas Adams HHGG

Speaking of programmes, I fixed the sound issue — I had patched the headphone output into the mic input so I could collect anime OP and ED songs. Somewhere on U10 there was a setting that let me hear the music as well, but I can’t find it on U12. Hopefully it’s still there.

I’m also not happy about the move away from Evolution, and the associated decay of my mail client. I’m not trying to fix stuff right now, but I may be forced into Thunderbird mail when I go to U14. Until then, I’ll just have to put up with U12 sticking almost all my mail in the fake spam folder, and marking it as read. Evolution has also gotten flakey about demanding that I use a contacts email address when it finds one. If I want to send an email to, say,, and all I have in the contacts list is, then it will not let me type that, unless I put a space after the @ sign, type the address, and delete the space. On the other hand, it’s no longer sticking egregious commas into some of my addresses. It used to be that if I typed and hit [Tab] it would come out as old,, with an error message about old not being a proper address.

I severely dislike Gnome’s decision to save the planet by turning off my monitor screens when I’m not active, instead of letting me run my 10GB collection of Earth-, Space-, and OldNavy- porn photos as a screen saver. I know we don’t need such things any more, but they provide mild entertainment for when I’m in the room but not at the keyboard. I’m sure there’s a slideshow app that will do the same thing, when I click on it. I’m also sure that turning off the monitors will save zillions of dollars in power, globally. But damnit, I want to make that decision! I don’t want some faceless collective to do it for me.

Finally, there’s something now wrong with my keyboard function. Every so often, the cursor makes a break for the top of the page. I had to retype the previous paragraph twice, and correct the first sentence three times, because the cursor did a top-pop while I was typing with my head down. It is not my hardware — happens on both a wireless and a straight USB plugin keyboard. Happens in various browsers (although it seems worst in Opera…sigh). It’s quite a sight to see, when it dashes to the top of my RSS feeds –14000 unread messages.

Also, the system now does not recognize the [left-shift-@] keyboard combo. I first encountered this in Evolution, when typing an email address, but it turns out it’s true across all almost all applications — text edit, Firefox (gmail recognizes it in the search bar, not in a text box), LibreOffice. In addition, it doesn’t recognize the [Page Down] key on when browsing. [Spacebar] works, [Page Up] works.  I suspect it’s a Java issue, but again, am not going to mess with things until U14.

And if U14 continues to be a mess, then there’s always Mint or OpenSuSe. I mean, if I have to do a totally new install, with all the reconstruction pain that implies, I might as well try something new.


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One Response to “Kicking and Screaming into the Future: Part 3, the Journey Pauses”

  1. FoundOnWeb Says:

    Comment posted for my friend Kurt, who is having U/I problems of his own:

    I tried to post this to your post using my G+ login, but the Post Comment
    button wouldn’t work. WordPress continues to make this difficult. Anyway…

    The Mint interface is a bit more minimal and more than adequate for most
    people. It gives me the monitor control I need (for power saving, screen
    saver, etc.–and there may also be community apps for that.) They finally
    did away with the scroll bars that appeared only on mouseover, though they
    do still have rollover menus. The designers keep tweaking the existing
    metaphor with no real savings. I’m not a big T-Bird fan–its integration
    with Gmail is a pain (due to Google’s increased security policy). There are
    UI overlays like Raindrop–at least for Windows–that you can use to
    redesign your desktop based on someone else’s sorta neat idea (or, if
    you’re willing to put in the work, your own). If you really want minimal,
    there’s always CrunchBang. Given the amount of change between your
    installed versions of Ubuntu (yes, I do, and so should U), it sounds like
    you could consider going with a new distro–it would be as much work. Costs
    nothing more than a download and install on a USB key–which has become
    trivial and, in many cases, no longer requires unetbootin.


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