TL;DR — Anime I never finished, Fall 2014

Four more shows bite the dust. No common theme here, except boredom.

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru: Yuki the hero. Four middle school girls in a “Hero’s Club” have to drop their normal lives of finding homes for cats and picking up trash to become real magical girls, defending the planet. The transition from slice-of-life to magical girl was exceptionally well done. The transformation-to-magical-girl app on their cellphones was original. Their battleground is looks like a deep dive into a pastel-colored fractal of a taxidermist’s sink trap. The picture quality was low — jaggies on my 32″ TV — and the whole magical girl trope is aimed at a demographic that isn’t me.

Celestial Method: Girl comes back to town she left seven years ago, meets a lot of people she knew but doesn’t remember, has enigmatic encounters with grey-haired girl who has been waiting for her to come back. Oh, yeah, just before she left, a ginormous flying saucer came and permanently parked itself a thousand hectometers or so above the town. One of her newly-met old friends shoots a bottle rocket at it.

Nice artwork, but, as someone said “When people leave the theater talking about how good the scenery was, your play is a failure.”

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace: Literary club suddenly gains superpowers, and nobody cares. Some cute “Here’s a dimensional gate to the Arizona desert (saguaro cactus) so we can practice blowing things up and creating lava and stuff with our powers” action. Male lead is a cheap Togashi Yūta style chūnibyō knockoff. It’s the sort of thing you’d watch if there wasn’t anything else on.

Karen Senki: Humans fight the machines. Machines try to become human. Too long at ten minutes per ep. Badly animated — looks like it was done using a low-budget RPG graphics engine.


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