Anime Worth Watching: Mononoke

Demon Girl

Not Her

Demon hunter


The title makes you think of Studio Ghibli, the protagonist is a more colorful version of Mushishi Ginko, and the stories are something that Alfred Hitchcock might make.

Mononoke are vengeful demons, not wild girls of the forest. They are hunted by a medicine-seller, otherwise nameless.

The stories are all ghost stories, in one way or another. A haunted room in an inn, the curse of a murdered sister, a murder mystery on the first subway out of Edo. As with Mushishi, they examine the depths of the human condition. Likewise, they are strong on atmospherics.

The presentation is … colorful. Changes of scene are marked with the closing and opening of sliding panels, as if in an old play. The colors are pastel, but the painting is sharp-edged. The music is minimalist, austere, traditional. The twelve-episode series is well worth watching (it’s currently on Crunchyroll).

A subdued riot of color

A subdued riot of color


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