Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 150720

The weather this week was warm and dry (around 80F), and next week is scheduled for very warm and dry (approaching 90F).

This is the boring part of Summer. Stuff is growing. Grow stuff grow. I water stuff. Water, water water. The brief surge of unseasonably early ripenings,  probably due to unseasonably early warmth, has been choked off by the unmentionably high temperatures earlier this month. A few leftover early tomatoes are ripening. The ever-fruitful Zucchini is fruiting (or whatever you call a fruitfulizing vegetable). Our one pie pumpkin is starting to turn. The bush buttercup squash I planted in the containers is now 12ft long, causing me to reconsider my concept of what a “bush” is.

A perfect time to hide inside and recover from my cataract operations. Next week this might be a review of farming anime, instead of a garden blog.

Week Ending 7/20 Vegetable Count Weight oz Unit Weight oz Total Total Weight lb
Tomato  10  16  1.6  30 3.6
Zuccini  1  9  9  3 2.5
Peas  –  16 1.0

Grand Total: 7.1lb


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