Girls und Panzer, the Anzio OVA

I finally got to see the Anzio battle via an English fansub. The DVD I’d purchased off of Amazon was from Japan and didn’t have subtitles. I knew that when I bought it, and I said at the time that that wasn’t as much of a drawback as one might think, and this experience proves it. There was a little bit of Anchovy’s speech at the start, the girl spilling all Anzio’s secrets while she served up some omupasta, and a couple of one-liners here and there* that were better for having a translation available, but mostly it was sight gags and character reactions.

Thanks, but we figured that out already

Thanks, but we figured that out already

So my original recommendation remains — it almost certainly won’t be released in the US, but the Japanese version is still available. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

* And for those who didn’t pick up on the European names during the meeting at Hippo House where they mention famous opponents, Joe Ekins was a Firefly tank gunner in France who destroyed four tanks in one day, including three Tigers. One of his opponents on that day, 8 August 1944 near St. Aignan de Cramesnil, France may have been the German tank commander, Michael Wittmann, the 4th top scoring tank ace in history


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