TL:DR — Anime I never finished, Fall 2015

Not much to talk about here, because my in-depth  cover art analysis already filtered out a lot. But not everything. And one still wants to spot-check the discards to make sure one was right. On the other hand, some of these might not be appearing on either Crunchyroll or Funimation, and it appears Funimation is getting a late start on the season (only one new series posted so far), and I don’t want to wait for fansubs, or for Funimation to finish resting their server hamsters, so not everything on that list is covered here.

Will Watch second thoughts:

Beautiful Bones (AKA The Corpse Buried Beneath Sakurako’s Feet): Rich scientist helps police with their inquiries, whether they want help or not. Her connections help.

Obviously murdered. I'll take it home for my collection

Obviously murdered. I’ll take it home for my collection

An uneven start. Interesting premise. Very well done art. Strange plotting and characterization. Sakurako drags high school kid around to her bone digs. Finds 100 year old skull. Doesn’t bother to look for the rest. Stops at police crime site. Insults local police inspector. Points out why supposed double suicide wasn’t. Tries to steal the skull. Feeds boy Alaskan shrimp (AKA あまえび, sweet shrimp).

The bones tell me things

The bones tell me things

The boy, shonen, is a typical insert-self high school student — observer, commenter, inept assistant. Her character is all over the place — arrogant and insulting, interesting to the point of being lyrical when speaking of the bones, childish when trying to keep the skull. The show has promise, it’s just hiding it well. I’ll give it another couple eps.

Might Watch results:

Turns out, The Empire of Corpses and Miss Hokusai are both films.

Young Doctor Frankenstein Black Jack: He’s young. He’s a medical student. He has a huge collection of body scars. He’s there when the ward is overwhelmed by a mass casualty accident. One of the casualties is a kid on a gurney with an arm and a leg torn off. Despite the fact that someone helpfully stuck the limbs into an ice-filled bento box, the cartoonish senior doctor wants to just clean up the stumps and send him on his way. Something, something, triage. Young Frank Jack, jumps in, and with the help of an intern (who for some reason reminds me of Ghost Hunt’s Taniyama Mai), races the kid out the door and down the street and an unknown distance through the city to a sleazy clinic run by a self-doping doctor who will let him do the operation there.

We turn left at the first dark alley

We turn left at the first dark alley

What was the result? I don’t know. I tuned out at the break, while the intern was admiring the top half of Young Frank Jack’s collection of body scars.

Perfect Insider: Very much an introductory episode, in that you have no idea where the story is going after this. POV character Nishinosono Moe, is a young woman (old enough to drive, young enough to wear motley tights) with a crush on a slightly older professor. The Maguffin seems to be another woman, Dr. Magata, a genius (Ph.D. at 11, murdered her parents at 13 [maybe], currently hidden away on an island to do her [unspecified] research). Everybody is asking the big questions about the whichness of what.* Moe-girl has Skype-interviewed Magata, who talks about things like why seven is the loneliest number, just like B and D.

Why yes, I've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion. Why do you ask?

Why yes, I’ve seen Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Why do you ask?

Moe-girl and professor and his students decide to go camping on Magata’s island. Blurb says they find a corpse and solve a mystery. Not sure if this will be a corpse of the week, like Bones is shaping up to be. The ED looks like a fractal version of Conway’s Game of Life, with Unix-like terminal windows floating around (looks like they were programmed in Borland C), and finally resolving into a CGI image of Dr Magata.

This is trying to be an anime for thinking sentients. I think. I’ll watch at least one more episode, just to see what happens. It might be a keeper.

*As Douglas Adams said “Why does man eat? How does man eat? And, Where shall we have lunch?”

And how did my rejects do?

Heavy Object: After seven minutes of pure expository lump with no end in sight, I bailed. Right after the invention of the snowplow.

And I wonder why it's only two guys to clear 3km of runway

And I wonder why it’s only two guys to clear 3km of runway

Gaukusen Toshi * (AKA Asterisk War): New kid with natural dueling ability transfers to school where winning duels is the primary goal, meets high powered but obnoxious red-headed girl, semi-powerful but obnoxious musclebound guy, garterbelt-wearing Student Council President who has great tracts of … boobs …, the better to massage his shoulder blades with, and helpful, M-1 standard issue sidekick guy. Fights most of a duel. Dodges assassination attempt, finds embroidered hanky, sees angry redhead with her trousers half off, and finds that his missing sister is remembered mostly as a corrupt data file — not necessarily in that order. Oh yeah, his goal in transferring there is to find himself. I lasted the entire episode, but only because I was hoping to see Miss Garterbelt again.

...always get this treatment from the President of the Student Council

… is that a sword hilt in your pocket or did you just notice my hemline?

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: Kid with natural dueling skills. School that emphasizes dueling. Powerful but obnoxious redhead.  Magical duel…. You know the drill…. Redhead wears the garterbelts.

Lance N’ Masques: Modern day knight. As in, it’s modern days, and he’s still running around in armor, with a cape, a domino mask, and a big magic lance. He rescues tiny girls who fall off their playground equipment, and high school girls getting hit on by high school boys. After which, he kisses their hands and gives a creepy speech about protecting them forever. The youngsters are charmed. The ones old enough to know better run away, shouting hentai! I’m surprised he isn’t in jail. Did I mention that he has a magic horse that transforms into a chibi girl? And that the whole administrative staff of the worldwide association of creepy knights is run by maids? Life is too short, and I am too old.

... my lance extended to its full size and I just had to come ... rescue you

… my lance extended to its full size and I just had to come … rescue you.


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