Anime I’m watching, Fall 2015

This has to be the thinnest anime season in years. My standards are pretty low, but I’ve only come up with four that look the least bit interesting. On the other hand, they’re all pretty good (not great, but good). As an aside, they’re all on Crunchyroll. Funimation has nothing worth watching, even in the second tier.

Bones, the anime is turning into a body-of-the-week program. Part A sets up a murder mystery. Part B is split between five minutes of mystery-solving, and six minutes of character development. Interesting, but rushed.

It obviously died protecting something

For some reason, it smells like garbage

Oh, and Episode 2 had the same glove-snap, psychedelic bones, “Let’s solve this mystery” thing they did in Episode 1. It could get old real fast.

The Perfect Insider continues its artsy Eurocinema way. Sensei and Moe-girl … and a bunch of students (much to Moe-girl’s disgust) … go camping on The Island of Dr. Magata. Scenes swap back and forth in time, between almost-20 Moe-girl trying to seduce Sensei, and just-13 Magata trying to seduce her uncle. Moe-girl and Sensei visit the bunker where the possibly-killer genius has been housed for the last 15 years. Power surges, lighting outages, and software glitches run rampant. Locked doors open, and Dr. Magata attempts to escape, disguised as a doll riding on an automated serving trolley.

We're not much for plot, but we've got mood lighting and body language down pat.

We’re not much for plot, but we’ve got mood lighting and body language down pat.

Owarimonogatari is very narrowly focused, for Monogatari. The first episode took place in one classroom. The second episode took place inside one classroom and an old house (with a side-visit to Araragi’s old middle-school, where it appears that Sengoku Nadeko has his old shoe locker). All the old gang gets a look-in, from Kanbaru to Senjogahara.

Senjogahara's back, and Hanekawa's got her

Senjogahara’s back, and Hanekawa’s got her

Utawarerumono is one that was on my don’t bother list, but looks interesting enough I might continue it. It’s a sequel to a VN-based anime  that’s evidently set many years later and several mountain chains away from the 2006 original. Amnesiac man wakes up walking barefoot down a snowy mountain wearing what looks suspiciously like a set of green surgical scrubs. Amnesiac man is chased by a giant centipede, saved from the giant centipede by a sentient jello, and saved from the sentient jello by a wandering catgirl herbologist and her pack diatryma. It’s what I’d call a fantasy costume period piece, usually not my thing, but the interpersonal chemistry is trending towards Spice and Wolf, so I’ll watch for a bit longer.

Bath-peeking catgirl gets an eyefull

Bath-peeking catgirl gets an eyefull

That’s it. Four shows. Bones on Wednesday, Insider on Thursday, and Monogatari and Utawarerumono on Saturday. Fortunately, I have a large backlog of DVDs to watch, plus some galgames for the PSV, plus a bunch of LN’s. Oh yeah, and paper correcting, lecture preparing, and research.


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