Twelve Days of Anime 6: Where are they now?

Go back ten to fifteen years. Think of some of the shows that got released that year. Ask yourself, what has happened to their characters in the decade or decade and a half since their story was told?

Naota117021 2000 – Naota Nandaba (FLCL). He was twelve when he met Haruko Haruhara, was run over by a yellow Vespa, and hit on the head with a blue Rickenbacker 4001 left-handed electric bass guitar. Then it got weird. He’d be almost 30 by now, maybe inherited his father’s bakery and married Eri Ninamori, and they had a child named Nagisa.
Tohru_Honda 2001 – Honda Tōru (Fruits Basket). High School girl in 2001, so she’s at least 30. Married former catshifter Sohmas Kyo and inherited a martial arts dojo. Had a son and a granddaughter, probably named Murasame.
OginoChihiro 2001 – Ogino Chihiro (Spirited Away). She was only 10 in 2002, so she’s in her early 20’s now, just out of college. Given her middle-class background, she’s probably an office lady somewhere in the Tokyo suburbs.
WitchHunterRobin 2002 – Robin Sena (Witch Hunter Robin). Another 15-year-old (around 30 now). She and her probable love interest, Amon, apparently survived the destruction of the Orbo factory. She is a witch, and carries the memories of thousands of years of witches, making her exceedingly boring to talk to at parties. Amon carries a copy of the witch gene, so they’ve had time to raise a number of witchy children with good memories.
FukuzawaYumi 2004 – Fukuzawa Yumi (Maria Watches Over Us). In her mid-twenties now, she was an entering freshman at Lillian Girls’ Academy when the anime opens. Maintained the discrete, not-quite-yuri relationships typical of all the cultured young ladies of the Academy. Probably moved in with Ogasawara Sachiko after graduation.
HanamotoHagumi 2005 – Hanamoto Hagumi (Honey and Clover). Eighteen and a new art student at the start of the anime, she is devoted to her art and is probably still unmarried at 28, living in a studio in suburban Tokyo. Probably still getting carded when she walks into bars.
TsuchimiRin 2005 – Tsuchimi Rin (Shuffle). For some reason (possibly because the anime is based on a harem game), as a 17 year old, he found himself pursued by a bevy of beautiful young girls, including the daughters of gods and demons. He eventually pairs off with Shigure Asa, a sickly half-demon. They’d be in their late twenties now, probably with a quiverful of quarter-demons, with names like Primula, Lisianthus, and Kaede.
Lain 1998 – Iwakura Rein (Serial Experiments Lain). She was just 14 when she became the omnipotent goddess of The Wired. Today she is in her early thirties, unless she wants to be a teenager. She’s everywhere and nowhere, and I’m not sure that putting tape over your webcam will help.


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